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Rayna UI is a comprehensive component library system that has several customizable components, templates, and UI styles created to help people transform ideas into impactful designs. With Rayna UI, design excellence becomes second nature.

At Rayna UI, we believe in the transformative power of design. We're not just a design system; we're a catalyst for creativity, fuelling inspiration, and driving innovation.

Our journey began with a vision - a vision to reshape the way designers work, unlocking the boundless potential of their ideas. Rayna UI was born from a deep-seated passion for design excellence and a commitment to crafting tools that empower creators worldwide.

From the very beginning, we've strived to build more than just a product; we've built a community, a family of designers, innovators, and dreamers who share our vision for design brilliance.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Rayna UI?
Rayna is a comprehensive design system and component library built specifically for Figma (V1.0). It provides a set of pre-designed UI elements, components, and guidelines that ensure consistent and efficient design across your projects.
How do I get started with Rayna?
Simply duplicate the library into your Figma projects to start utilizing its design assets and components.
Can I customize the Rayna components to match my brand's style?
Yes, absolutely! Rayna components are designed with customization in mind. You can easily adjust colors, typography, and other design attributes to align with your brand's unique identity while maintaining the consistency that Rayna offers.
Will updates be made to the design system?
Yes, updates to Rayna will be made in the near future. You'll be notified of any updates, and you can seamlessly integrate the latest versions into your ongoing projects.
Can I collaborate with my team using Rayna in Figma?
Yes, Rayna is fully compatible with Figma's collaboration features. You and your team can work together in real-time, utilizing the design system's components to streamline your design process and maintain a unified look and feel.
Are there any tutorials or guides available for using Rayna effectively?
Absolutely. We provide comprehensive documentation and tutorials to help you make the most of Rayna. You'll find step-by-step guides, best practices, and usage examples to assist you in using the design system efficiently.
Is Rayna V1.0 free to use?
Yes, Rayna is available for free. You can access and utilize the design system and component library in your Figma projects without any cost.
Can I contribute to the Rayna design system?
Yes, we encourage contributions from the community! If you have ideas for new components, improvements, or optimizations, you can reach out to us via email (collinsdonye@raynaui.com), or any of our social media DMs. We believe collaborative efforts make Rayna even more robust.
Can I request new features or components for future updates?
Absolutely! We value user feedback and take feature requests seriously. If there's a specific component or feature you'd like to see in Rayna, please let us know through our social media DMs.
What accessibility considerations are integrated into Rayna?
Accessibility is a priority for us. Rayna includes components designed with accessibility in mind, following WCAG guidelines. This ensures that your designs are inclusive and can be used by a diverse audience.
How do I stay updated with the latest news about Rayna?
To stay informed about the latest Rayna updates, releases, and news, you can follow us on Twitter, and Instagram & subscribe to our channel on YouTube. We'll share regular updates on our socials.
Can I use Rayna for personal and commercial projects?
Yes, Rayna is available for both personal and commercial use. Whether you're working on personal projects, freelance work, or corporate initiatives, you're welcome to integrate Rayna into your designs.